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Rule Changes this weekend in Football & Hurling

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At a Congress 2023 there were changes to the playing rules that come into effect this weekend.

Subject: New Rule Changes this weekend (17/3/23)

- The Rules of Hurling - Official Guide Part 2 (page 39) be amended by altering in final line 65m. to 45m. Rule affected: Rule 1.2 (i)-The Field of Play, Rules of Specification, Official Guide Part 2. 
T 2.1. Set Play , The Referee, facing the players, starts the game and restarts it after half-time by throwing in the ball between two players from each team, who shall stand one behind the other in their own defensive sides of the half-way line. All other players shall be in their respective positions behind the 45m lines.

Both Hurling and Football. Rule 3.3. Scores - Rules of Hurling and Football - Official Guide Part 2 


(a) A score shall be allowed if, in the opinion of the referee, the ball was prevented from crossing the goal-line by anyone other than a player or the referee. 

(b) If part of the goal-posts or crossbar is displaced during play, the referee shall award the score which he considers would have resulted had a part not been displaced.

(c) If an opposing player interferes with the goal posts when the ball is in flight from a free or side-line kick (puck), and a score does not result, the Referee shall order that the free or side-line kick (puck) be retaken.

(d) A score shall be allowed if, in the opinion of the Referee, a score was prevented by an opposing player interfering with the goal posts during the Play other than as provided in (c) above.


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